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To develop long term partnerships with our customers by providing technology-based solutions with uncompromising customer service and premier operational support.

About Direct Technologies

As a full service direct marketing enterprise and one of the nation’s premier lettershop service providers, Direct Technologies helps you put all the marketing pieces together and provide you with a comprehensive direct marketing solution. From strategic thinking to beautiful execution and flawless fulfillment, we deliver scalable solutions across an array of platforms — all to fit your unique needs.

Our number one focus is our clients. Whether double- and triple-checking to make sure everything is perfect, or making an investment in the latest digital printing technologies, everything we do is to provide each of our clients with unmatched customer service and operational support. The bottom line is we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver the highest quality materials on time, on the mark and on budget.


Simplify Data Processing

Data processing is at the heart of everything we do. Let us take care of all your data processing needs.

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Why Direct Technologies

Outstanding customer service is at the center of everything we do.

Since 1994, Direct Technologies Inc. has been dedicated to building long-term relationships with business partners by combining unmatched quality with unparalleled customer service. Defined by our responsiveness, flexibility and sophistication, we deliver the solutions you need while providing you with the one-on-one attention you want.

Outstanding customer service is at the center of everything we do. We roll up our sleeves every day to find the best solutions and deliver the highest quality materials to our clients.


There is a lot to look at when trying to find a direct marketing or output services partner. Maybe the most important is value — what you get in return for what you pay. Well, with competitive pricing, customer service that’s second to none and results that always look fantastic, Direct Technologies delivers maximum value to each of our customers on every project.


We strive to be experts at everything we do — printing, strategic thinking, fulfillment, data processing, and customer service. By achieving a level of expertise, we are able to develop innovative solutions and focus on making every piece we work on as strong as it can be.


Our expertise, flexibility, and value have helped us solidify our reputation in the industry. But what really sets us apart from our competitors is the emphasis we put on making our clients happy and building lasting relationships with them. When a client asks if it can be done, we do whatever we can to make sure the answer is “we’ll make it happen.”


Our extreme flexibility is what allows us to meet the ever-changing landscape of direct marketing, stay on top of the technological innovations and help alleviate the pressures of tight deadlines and high expectations.



Maximize Fulfillment

We make sure your marketing program is as successful and cost‑effective as possible.

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Our Services

DTI offers a full suite of production services.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data PrintingVariable data personalization allows you to develop dynamic content to deliver specific messages to different audiences to ensure your marketing communications hit the mark every time. If you’re looking for top-notch programming, coding, process variable mapping, form design and reporting for all your data needs, you’re looking in the right place.

Data Processing

Data Processing

Making sense of all your complex information and integrating customer data with world-class process composition and shop floor applications is at the heart of our business. From simple ink jet address blocks to data-driven variable processing mapping across multiple components, we can manage all your data processing needs and are capable of delivering one million mailings a day.

Fulfillment / Distribution

DistributionFrom development through distribution, we personally guide you through every step of the fulfillment process to make sure your marketing program is as successful and cost-effective as possible. We account for every detail by combining our expertise and guidance with the latest industry information and technology.


Every year, DTI produces millions of the highest quality membership cards, gift cards, prescription benefit cards, prepaid cards and retail/loyalty cards. Our one stop facility can quickly and efficiently handle all of your print, image and packaging needs.


Industries Served

Whatever business you're in, Direct Technologies has the knowledge, understanding and capability to help you succeed.


DTI routinely manages daily correspondence fulfillment to complex, variable driven enrollment mailings with quantities in the millions across multiple plans and regions. We also manage open enrollment projects and imprint membership cards, as well as print and deliver confirmation statements, explanations of benefits, compliance notifications and more.


Telecommunication service providers frequently make use of our expertise to support their acquisition and retention programs, back-end correspondence fulfillment, welcome kits, user guides and other outputs.


Retail businesses rely on Direct Technologies for the production of integrated card merchandisers as well as acquisition and loyalty mailings. We also support store announcements, sales, grand openings and new store locations.


DTI manages membership and customer programs, as well as acquisition mailings, for large and small insurers.


Automotive clients rely on DTI for a variety of direct mail projects, from direct response programs to extended warranty fulfillment services. Our clients receive periodic reports that reflect consistent, predictable and profitable results due to our management of regular program account work. This typically includes the production and distribution of extended warranty books and special offer collateral.


These businesses often turn to DTI for marketing fulfillment projects, the production and distribution of opening announcements, loyalty cards, reward cards, and reward statements for airlines, hotels and clubs.


Our data-driven graphics are especially valued by financial institutions because the service enables them to personalize direct mail pieces when targeting individuals. We also excel at handling projects that involve acquisition mail, statements, planning books and more.


Nonprofit groups are often understaffed and DTI is able to handle some of the workload with a range of services that help with donor acquisition and donation acknowledgement. We maintain inventories of gifts for confirmed donations and match the correct gift with each donation class. Our thorough QA/QC procedures ensure that we use variable data to adhere to state and federal tax requirements when we produce donor thank-you letters and other personalized correspondence.


Our Partners

Direct Technologies has the technology, partnerships and capability to help you succeed.

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